Sunday, March 30, 2014

5 Raisons Pour Lesquelles Choisir L’Acupuncture dès Aujourd’hui

L’acupuncture est le système medicale le plus ancien du monde, utilisé par des millions de personnes à chaque jour. Au Québec, l’acupuncture est une profession de santé reconnue à part entière, très recherché chez les personnes qui désirent reprendre le contrôle de leur santé.
Re-energize with seasonal acupuncture treatments!
Retrouvez votre energie avec l'acupuncture.

Choisissez l’acupuncture aujourd'hui pour:
1.Vous déplacer librement sans douleur. De nombreuses études appuient l'efficacité de l'acupuncture dans la réduction des douleurs musculaires persistantes, des articulations et même des malaises abdominaux.
2.Équilibrer vos hormones. L'acupuncture est une façon réaliste et naturelle pour traiter les SPM, l'infertilité et les symptômes de la ménopause, car il peut accéder au système endocrinien, qui régit l'équilibre hormonal.
3.Améliorer votre système immunitaire. Vous souffrez souvent de rhume et de la grippe ? Libérez-vous des allergies et construisez de l'énergie défensive solide avec des traitements qui ciblent le système immunitaire.
4. Retrouver votre vitalité. L’Acupuncture traite la fatigue à sa source afin que vous puissiez vivre la vie que vous méritez!
5. Composer avec le stress de sorte que vous pouvez profiter d'une meilleure qualité de vie! L'acupuncture calme la tension nerveuse et améliore vos perspectives.

Acupuncture to Manage STRESS!

In today’s fast paced world, everyone experiences stress from time to time. Stress is actually the body’s protective ‘fight or flight' reaction to a threatening event.
While some stress is acceptable, too much unmanaged stress can accumulate and lead to health issues.  Physical problems such as headaches, back pain, high blood pressure and a weakened immune system can be attributed to stress over-load as well as emotional disorders such as anxiety and depression.  Long-term stress can have a profound impact on just about every system in your body and therefore  it can also be responsible for some cases of infertility, pre-menstrual syndrome and difficulties during menopause.

How Acupuncture Can Help

Chill Out With Acupuncture
Acupuncture treats stress
Acupuncture is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the oldest health system in the world. Tiny, disposable needles, as fine as a strand of hair are gently tapped under the skin on various places on the body in order to resolve pain and to improve and maintain health.  Basically acupuncture relieves pain, reduces inflammation and restores homeostasis, which is the body’s ability to maintain equilibrium.
Acupuncture works to promote proper blood flow.  This is an important point when you consider that the nutrients of the food we absorb, the oxygen we breathe, our hormones, natural pain-killers and anti-inflammatory substances, everything the body needs to heal itself, gets transported via the bloodstream.

 But how does it work?

Acupuncture can reduce stress. Acupuncture calms the nervous system by regulating that ‘fight or flight’ response activity in the brain.  Studies have shown that chemicals such as cortisol, which are present in the blood in response to stress, decrease after acupuncture.  Isn't that amazing? Moreover, acupuncture stimulates the release of oxytocin, a hormone that activates the parasympathetic nervous system,  otherwise known as the 'rest and digest system',paving the way to a state of serenity, bliss and optimal health!

Getting acupuncture can actually be a very relaxing experience.  Many patients doze off during treatment and report that they feel very calm and focused for days afterward. While there are many studies confirming the efficacy of acupuncture,science is at a loss to explain just how it works.  When you consider that so many illnesses feature some degree of pain,chronic inflammation and suppression of the parasympathetic nervous system, you can begin to understand why acupuncture can treat so many conditions.

Infertility and Acupuncture

If getting pregnant has been a challenge for you and your partner, you are not alone. Sixteen percent of Canadian couples are considered infertile.  Fertility problems are usually diagnosed after a couple has been unsuccessful after a year of trying to get pregnant.
Common diagnoses that are treatable with acupuncture include endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, blocked fallopian tube(s), frequent miscarriage, fibroids, irregular menstruation, anovulation and even unexplained infertility.

  Acpuncture can help with your fertility
Acupuncture can increase fertility by reducing stress, increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs and balancing the endocrine system.  Acupuncture is a safe, painless treatment that has no side effects and can be administered even if the patient is on fertility medication.  Acupuncture can actually increase in-vitro fertilization success rates by 42% and can also address male infertility by improving sperm count and motility.
Whether you wish to conceive naturally or via reproductive assistance, acupuncture can greatly help you achieve your dream of becoming a parent.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

See Your Acupuncturist for your Menopause Symptoms

Menopause is defined as occurring 12 months after a woman’s last menstrual cycle and signals the permanent end of menstruation and fertility. This happens over a 2-10 year period as hormonal levels fluctuate with the ovaries eventually secreting less estrogen. It is this lack of estrogen that is believed to contribute to hot flashes and night sweats, which affect 65% of women in menopause. Known as vasomotor symptoms, hot flashes are the main reason some women seek relief with hormone replacement therapy, (HRT). 

Because of the results of recent studies calling into question the safety of HRT, many women now seek out support from approaches such as acupuncture to regain and properly balance their energy as they make the transition into what Chinese Medicine calls the “Second Spring”.

Acupuncture is a popular treatment because it can balance the hormonal system and can optimize adrenal function.  The adrenals come under a lot of pressure during this time because they take over most of the estrogen production as ovary activity winds down.

In a study published through the National Institutes for Health in the USA, acupuncture treatments were found to have significantly improved hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms.1. Because acupuncture is a holistic medicine, the accompanying complaints such as night sweats, fatigue and mood swings, insomnia and anxiety and are also often resolved.

Lifestyle changes can go a long way in reducing menopausal symptoms.  The most important of these would be stress reduction.  This may be achieved through calming, reflective activities such as meditation, Qi Gong, or yoga.  Women also benefit by keeping active and eating foods that support the adrenals and have calming effect on the hormonal system.