Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall Food Workshops In Montreal

The People at the Montreal Gongfu Research Center are holding another weekend of informative and tasty workshops!

Fall Food Workshops

Eating in Harmony with the Seasons: Fall
Chinese physicians have understood for thousands of years that disease arises when we fail to live in harmony with our environment. As summer turns to fall, learn how to cook and eat in tune with the new season. Understanding the energetics of the season and our food through the lens of Chinese medicine can empower you to make choices
that maintain health and help to cure chronic ailments.

5-8 PM Friday, September 23rd $25 / $20 with Canning & Preserving

Canning & Preserving
Savor the goodness of the harvest! Learn simple, traditional methods of canning and
preserving, as well as the artisinal craft of wild-fermentation used to make sauerkraut,
miso, yogurt, etc. Discover the many health benefits of home-preserved foods.
Snacks and take-home samples provided.
2-5 PM Sunday, September 25th $35 / $30 with Eating in Harmony

Fall Potluck
Participants of the "Eating in Harmony" workshop will return with a simple, season-
appropriate dish they've prepared. As we enjoy this meal, we'll discuss how the dishes
may interact with the energetics of the fall season.
5.30 PM Sunday, September 25th Free with a home-cooked dish to share; guests welcome
For more information or to RSVP: or (514) 907-4591 Workshops take place in Mile End; Please RSVP by Sept. 22nd