Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spring Tune-Up Acupuncture Treatments!

A quick reminder regarding the importance of immune system treatments just before the spring weather hits. 
The intense atmospheric fluctuations that occur each spring and fall require an enormous adaptability on the part of our resistance mechanisms.
Because acupuncture is preventive medicine and can access the immune system, it can help fortify your resistance to those nasty flu bugs and colds that often crop up in the spring. 
According to the tradition in Chinese medicine, the first 2 weeks of March is the optimum period to receive your 'spring tune-up' acupuncture treatment.
If you'd like to reserve yourself a spot at Acupuncture Mont-Tremblant, now is the time to contact me, as this has become one of my most popular treatments.  My number is (819) 681-8228.

Of course there is plenty that YOU can do yourself in order to keep your immune system humming-read my entry here for a refresher, if you like!