Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spring Tune-Up Acupuncture Treatments!

A quick reminder regarding the importance of immune system treatments just before the spring weather hits. 
The intense atmospheric fluctuations that occur each spring and fall require an enormous adaptability on the part of our resistance mechanisms.
Because acupuncture is preventive medicine and can access the immune system, it can help fortify your resistance to those nasty flu bugs and colds that often crop up in the spring. 
According to the tradition in Chinese medicine, the first 2 weeks of March is the optimum period to receive your 'spring tune-up' acupuncture treatment.
If you'd like to reserve yourself a spot at Acupuncture Mont-Tremblant, now is the time to contact me, as this has become one of my most popular treatments.  My number is (819) 681-8228.

Of course there is plenty that YOU can do yourself in order to keep your immune system humming-read my entry here for a refresher, if you like!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Réglage de Primptemps!

Bonjour!   Ceci est un petit rappel pour tous ceux qui veulent se préparer pour la saison de printemps, dites, la saison des rhumes et des grippes. 

L'acupuncture est une médecine de prévention, et exerce une influence positive sur le système immunitaire.  Un ou deux traitements vous aideront à mieux adapter aux changements atmosphériques de chaque saison. 
Selon la tradition en Médecine chinoise, les deux premières semaines du mois de mars constituent la période le plus propice pour recevoir des traitements de mise ‘au point’ saisonnière.

SVP contactez-moi pour réservez votre place. (819) 681-8228
À bientôt!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Help Your Immune System Roll with the Seasons

As I write this, we in the Mont-Tremblant region are getting our second dose of serious snow for the season.  The skier in me rejoices at the prospect of 20 cm more of the good stuff and the acupuncturist in me says, “It’s time to remind my patients that acupuncture is preventive medicine”.  Indeed, it feels as though we are in the middle of winter but this week's forecast reminds us spring is only a few weeks away.

As the seasons change, our bodies are required to meet the demands of atmospheric shifts and radical fluctuations in temperature.  On their own, weather patterns pose no problem to one's health, but in combination with overwork, poor nutrition, and ever-climbing levels of stress, seasonal changes can actually deliver a knock-out punch to your immune system.  This is why many of us get sick in the spring (as well as the fall) with the flu.

Actually, there is a lot you can do on your own to stay out of the emergency clinics and doctor’s offices.  
Some simple guidelines are:
Remember to wash your hands frequently.
Be vigilant about your diet.  Cut down on sugar, a known immune system suppressor, and spend time in the kitchen simmering healthy, homemade soups and stews. 
Stay active but avoid exhausting yourself with exercise.  
Seriously consider your work load and your stress levels.

Perhaps one of the most important ways to protect yourself from cold and flu attacks has to do with your ability to cope with stress. Research over the past 30 years has demonstrated a link between chronic stress and suppression of the immune system.  Learn and practice restorative yoga, meditation, or Qi Gong, an ancient self healing system, or just make a habit of taking a few moments for yourself to recharge and simply breathe. This can go a long way in taking the edge off.

Because acupuncture can fortify and balance the immune system, and soothe jagged nerves, it is an excellent way to prepare for the changes that any new season brings.  Usually one or two treatments suffice. The patients I treat often tell me they remain untouched by colds and flu unlike their untreated family members and coworkers, who sometimes endure complications such as asthma attacks, or long lasting fatigue and general lack of energy.
The weather forecast for Mont-Tremblant this week predicts a temperature fluctuation of 20 degrees difference between Tuesday evening, and Wednesday afternoon! Is your immune system ready? 
Reserve your "Spring Tune-Up" acupuncture treatment today by calling (819) 681-8228.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Meditation is Medicine

Apart from living my passion as an acupuncturist, I have begun to offer weekly meditation sessions in the St-Jovite/ Mt Tremblant area.
The type of meditation we practice is based on the Mindfulness Meditation format, popularized by Jon Kabat-Zinn, the doctor who brought the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program into hospitals across North America.  This program has been studied and proven effective in reducing chronic pain and anxiety.
Why Meditate?
I believe there are as many reasons to meditate as there are people who practice.
Meditation, at its very basic level, provides us with a way of coping with stress. Because stress contributes to the presence of so many illnesses and because it exacerbates chronic pain and anxiety, the regular practice of meditation has proven to be a worthwhile activity. 
If you have hesitated at getting involved in a meditation group because you feel it might be “out there”, or “woo-woo”, I am here to tell you that the practice has gone main steam and, at least as far as the groups I presently conduct, the focus is on breath work and body awareness.
This means that we mindfully bring our attention to our breathing while training ourselves to concentrate on what is actually going on at the physical level.   Once we practice conscious breathing, many changes quickly begin to take place.  We see a slowing of the pulse, a reduction of muscle tension, and a general calming of the nervous system. Because the practice of mindfulness involves being present with what is, participants also note the cessation of the usual mind chatter allowing for moments of mental clarity.
After only a few sessions together, the participants in my class are reporting significant changes in their health.  Those who are taking the time to practice in between classes are now enjoying deeper sleep, less digestive complaints, and a reduction in acid reflux, menstrual cramps, and tension headaches.
Acupuncturists routinely treat people for all of the above health issues because acupuncture accesses the nervous system and provides wonderful results.  I recommend meditation as an adjunct to any health treatment, because it provides people who are ready to take control of their wellbeing with an ongoing way to handle stress and enjoy life!