Monday, August 31, 2009

Acupuncture and Your Immune System

Wondering what you can do to prepare for the oncoming flu season? First of all, using the most basic of hygienic measures such as frequent hand washing, proper rest, diet and exercise will go a long way.

In any given winter though, many of us are more vulnerable to catching colds / flu because we are forced to spend more time indoors, studying, working or socializing over the holidays. Some of us may be already worn down through stress and insomnia, existing health problems or weak constitutions. In any case, understanding that acupuncture can actually affect your protective energy- your immune system, and that seasonal tune ups - treatments taken just as the seasons change, may make all the difference to your health.

Seasonal tune-ups, taken during the fall and spring are a smart way to boost your immune system. Usually, one or two treatments are all you may need to strengthen your resistance to colds and the flu.
Another immune system problem,  allergic rhinitis (hay fever) is one of over 40 disorders that the World Health Organization recognizes as being greatly improved with acupuncture. During an allergic crisis,  acupuncture can provide great relief and with subsequent treatments, can reduce the severity and even eliminate future allergic reactions all together. 
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