Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Missing Link

Once upon a time I was a radio announcer, a producer too, what those in the business call a 'morning op"- or live equipment operator during the morning show... It was the 70's, I was young, it was my first job in that field. I worked 'the board"-(nothing digital back then) for more than one radio personality. It was wacky and it was truly live entertainment. I was there because I had and still have a great love for radio broadcasting -all kinds of formats, music, talk, public or private. There was an art to it, a magic, it seemed to me, and a power as well.
Life happened, I moved to the country, raised a family developed a huge interest in health and well-being and in Chinese medicine...and well, you know the rest. But through it all, I remain a radio fan, still listening to static filled late night broadcasts I can pull in from far off stations on the continent- even trying out short wave every now and then.
And what has all this got to do with acupuncture? Not much, really except it explains why I was tickled to learn that something called TCM radio is now available on the internet. So finally two , seemingly unrelated passions of mine have been brought together thanks to internet technology. Admitedly, its not exactly the same as radio... the immediacy and the live aspect has disappeared but one has the chance to listen to the voices and ideas of leaders in Chinese Medicine from the world over.
Topics range from infertility to the classics and of course appeal more to those in a TCM practice. If you are interested, try this link
and look for TCM Radio...just remember to come back here!